A new focus ….


For those who have followed this page and my work, I wanted to give you the courtesy of knowing that the focus of this page is going to slightly shift. Not completely, just slightly – but it will be noticeable.

While I have had my website, Facebook page, and App for a few years – I have tried different ways to use my new skills in aromatherapy to find a groove. Some fit well, others not so much. What I know:

  1. I care about consumer education. I don’t want to make decisions for consumers but give them a few tools to do so themselves. Wellness decisions are dependent on personal values, experience, previous education and current circumstances not solely on my biases.
  2. I like dōTERRA products. I have had an account for years. I am not always wild about some of how they are used. But I kind of live in imperfection: my church has some issues, our schools have some work to do, my marriage has a few flaws, and I am not so wonderful all the time either. So I take the good and try to figure where I can use my skills or talents to contribute.
  3. I’d like to use my educational experience and App to help those using or wanting to use dōTERRA products. I hope to give easy access to information regarding commonly held safety premises in aromatherapy (there is no consensus – so going for low lying fruit using broad strokes) so that dōTERRA representatives and customers can be educated consumers and make their own choices. Whether that wellness decision is the same as the aromatherapy trade or dōTERRA corporate – it is not mine to make just facilitate.

So what I have done:

  1. I have revamped my entire website.  It is now a dōTERRA Certified Site. Anyone seeking to buy this brand from me will have a certified aromatherapist along this journey who uses common trade standards. Those who buy from others can utilize the materials I create.  For professionals (massage therapists, chiropractors, educators) hoping to integrate essential oils into an existing practice, I have created files of: B2B training materials, best practices for use in public, notice of use statements, releases, and consent forms. Perhaps together we will create a critical mass with other ways to look at some safety issues and make a difference.
  2. I have redone and re-edited The Bards App. It contains a full section dedicated to dōTERRA oils: blends and singles. It also has a new section on blending which denotes scent notes: top, middle, base. If you previously purchased it, I can send you a link for the new format (the font is still small) just let me know what phone you have. The Bards App too is now a dōTERRA Certified Site.
  3. With this dōTERRA stamp – I can now use dōTERRA trademarks and trade-dress to target new users using dōTERRA of essential oils  towards a tool that might help in assuring their and their family’s safety. These targeted messages can be used for all those currently using dōTERRA products.
  4. I really enjoy formulating. It is one of the few things that has come naturally to me. I have streamlined my blending work. In this I have obtained from dōTERRA written permission to utilize their oils in my re-sale products. I carry little inventory and this will help me continue to do that while utilizing the discounts and points I have accrued to maintain little overhead. I still fill in the gaps in my creations with and recommend to others many other good companies.

What you can do:

  1. If you are not a dōTERRA customer, representative, or fan but have enjoyed some of my posts – please keep following. It will not be totally dedicated to one brand – this is just a courtesy note telling you more will be coming.
  2. If you know of a representative or customer struggling, send them my way.
  3. Buy The Bards App. It is available for iphone and Android. Encourage new users of any oils to buy it. Only one section is brand specific the rest is brand neutral. It is $2.99. Less than any oil that is not adulterated.
  4. Continue to look for wellness alternatives and build bridges with me ..
  5. …. and if in the mean time you would like to buy some oils or my services, feel free to contact me. Check out the new website. http://www.TheBardsApp.com

All the best, Nancy

Here are a few screenshots with the new layout and section.

open circle     on guard    middle note




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